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butterfly1Cutting the paper out of wedding invitations

Invite guests to your wedding in a cost effective, easy and eco-friendly way

Forget the paper, don’t rely on the post and save the world! Whatever colours you choose you'll have a green wedding.

Thinking about an eco-friendly wedding? Or reducing your carbon footprint?

Going paperless is a great way to do this – all the paper you would have sent will be emailed instead. You're not just saving paper either, you'll also be helping to reduce emissions from delivery, especially if you're sending wedding invitations overseas.

Get to your wedding via pedal power!

Top Tips for Green Weddings

  • Encourage your guests to give each other lifts to your wedding, or provide a bus.
  • If people are travelling from overseas ask them to carbon offset their flights.
  • Choose locally supplied food, flowers and jewellery.
  • Choose seasonal flowers and food.
  • Don't use flowers at all and go for alternative button bouquets.
  • Go for a sustainable wedding venue.
  • Try and have the ceremony and wedding in one location, saving carbon emissions on travel.
  • Hire rather than buy or go pre-loved. This could also save you money.
  • Instead of asking for gifts, request a donation to an environmental charity.
  • Have your honeymoon in the UK – it is beautiful after all!

Emma Taylor working on Paperless Wedding

On top of this, we at Paperless try make sure we're as green as possible:

  • Our servers are energy efficient.
  • We don't travel to meetings as we do it by email, phone or Skype.
  • Paperless HQ has no air con.
  • We don't drive to work.
  • We recycle everything we can.
  • We operate without paper as much as possible.

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It's eco-friendly!