Here is where you get those “How do I” questions answered when creating your wedding invitations online and designing your wedding website. 

We have even more detailed FAQs when you come to ‘building, creating and designing your wedding website and invitations. Click on the little blue ‘?’ buttons on the Theme Builder site.

The Website

How do I get a wedding website?

You register your details with us and we will then provide you with the tools to create your website.

Who can see my wedding website?

Only you and your guests will be able to log in and see your website. Each guest receives their own unique code so that they can log in and you can track who has replied.

Will there be advertisements on my website?

Currently, there are no ads on the website, but this could change. We will not advertise to your guests on the guest site.

Does it matter if I don't know anything about computers?

We will try to make this process as easy as possible for you by taking you through each stage step by step. There will be FAQs for each area and also additional detail on each page to explain what information is needed.

How long is my wedding website online for?

The website will be online for 18 months after you purchase. We will then notify you that we will be disabling your account and give you the option to extend it.

Is it possible to purchase a DVD of my website?

This is currently not available.

How long does it take to set up a wedding website?

If you know all the details about your wedding like date, location and timings it will take hardly any time at all. You can revisit the site as often as you want to amend and add details.

When should I get a wedding website?

You can register for a website at any time leading up to the wedding. Traditionally you send out invites 3 months before the wedding.

What do I need to get a wedding website?

You will need an email address and a credit card.

Can I select certain pages to display at a time?

If I want all of the pages offered to be part of my website eventually, but not all at once, can I select certain ones to display at a time? Like, Save the date details first. Once we’ve set it up, you will be able to send out a Save the Date without needing to set up all of your websites. Guests will not see your website until you send them an invite.

Can I list my gift lists with other companies and will I be able to link to them?

Of course, we would not stop you from getting some wonderful presents.