Email Wedding Invitations

& Wedding Website

Email beautifully designed wedding invitations to your guests! These digital invitations link them to your personalised wedding website. On here you can tell them all about your special day.

They can keep in touch with you through online RSVP, leaving messages and uploading photos.

Wedding Website

Your website is totally customisable, simple to set up and can be accessed only by you and your guests using a unique link through their email invitation.


Wedding Themes

Check out our selection of beautiful themes.  Each one can be customised to make it fit in with your day. You can change images, backgrounds, fonts, arrangements and of course edit all the text.

Do you want one custom made for you? Get a designer involved to upload unique images or get in touch with us as we can help too!


Save the date

It’s never too soon to make sure your friends and family know when your wedding is. Send out Save the Date emails, and then keep the theme and guest list for your site when you upgrade.


Email Save the Date Summer floral


Multiple Wedding Venues

You might be getting married Islington Town Hall or aboard a boat on the Thames, then going to a hotel and then holding an event the next day. All of this is not a problem! Details will appear on your website for each venue so you can tell people where it is, why you chose it and add all your text and photos.

Multiple Wedding Events

The wedding ceremony, the reception and the evening may all be happening in different places with different people invited. Tell your guests what is happening at each part in your special day.

Wedding Invites

We don’t just send text emails – your email wedding invitations design matches the theme you have chosen. The invite gathers details from events and venue pages and displays them for you. You can add your wording and preview before sending. You can also have different invites for different sets of events. 

Gift List

Create your own page with links to your gift lists or use our integrated Amazon Wish List (UK Only). 

Your Website

You can add whatever pages you want to your wedding website, from accommodation details to stories about how you both met. It’s entirely up to you.


What does my site look like? We give you the ability to go and view exactly what your guests see through a simple link. You can even post something on your message board in preparation for that first rsvp!

Guest List

You can enter each guests detail in individually, or you can import your contact list from your email. Example files are included to make this process as simple as possible. This is a MUST for people having big weddings!

Online RSVP

See your RSVPs come in as soon as you’ve sent the invites! You’ll be able to track clearly exactly who is coming to which event. You can also send out reminders to those who haven’t replied yet or let people know if your plans change.

Message board and Photo Album

Keep in touch with your guests via a message board and photo albums.