Online RSVP

We have made some changes to enhance this experience and I want to share with you what your wedding guest will now see. With just 2 clicks (and a bit of form filling) they can reply straight from their wedding invitation. No excuses anymore! 

Click ONE

They will receive the envelope for their wedding invitation in their email and click on the heart. Click ONE!

Paperless wedding envelop

Click TWO – View invitation and fill out RSVP form and reply

This will open your beautiful invitation with all the details about your special day.  At the bottom, it will say ‘Reply below & view website’. Beneath the invitation will be an RSVP form enabling your guest to RSVP straight away. CLICK TWO!!

Email wedding invitations

We know that not everyone can do this. They need to check dates, check with the ‘other half’, check location etc. So we now have the option to click on ‘View Website’.

Online RSVP via email wedding invitations

CLICK 3,4,5,6 etc – View the wedding website to read more!

Once you clicked on ‘View Website” or ‘RSVP Now”, it will take your guest to your wedding website where they can read all about your big day. They can also save the date to their calendar with just a click of a button. On the website, there is an RSVP area, where your guests can go ahead and reply as well.

Dotti over you wedding website with matching invitations

Guests returning to your wedding website

If your guests want to navigate away from the wedding website before replying, don’t worry they can re-access your wedding website easily by clicking on the invitation they received in their email. It will take them through the 2 CLICK process above. If they have already replied, when they click on the envelope it will take them straight to your wedding website.

Spam/Junk filters

We are constantly trying to overcome those spam and junk filters.  We have a dedicated IP address which means that emails sent via Paperless Wedding will be known as a trusted company and therefore avoid being filtered out. We are constantly reviewing this to maximise successful deliveries to peoples in-boxes! 

These improvements came about thanks to really useful feedback from users. We are a small company and we care about your wedding and try to do everything we can to make it the best experience possible!