9th Wedding Anniversary already?! How did that happen and how quickly another year has flown by. 9 years ago I became Mrs T and said goodbye to Miss G. 9 years since we had one of the most amazing days of our lives.

Each year we have always stuck to giving each other a traditional anniversary present.  This year it is ceramics (leather if you going by the modern list!). It does narrow down the options which makes it easier in some ways, but trying to find something original and personal has been tricky.  I went for making mine….well I say making, I painted a mug.

So what have the gifts been so far? Do you need a little help if you are already married and want some ideas?

Wedding Anniversary Gifts from 1 – 9 Years

First Wedding Anniversary – Cotton
We skipped this and Jim gave me a ring with New Zealand Green Stone set in it. We were living in NZ at the time!

Second Wedding Anniversary – Paper
A card and a wonderful meal out in Sydney. We were living in Sydney at the time!

Third Wedding Anniversary- Leather
Gloves and a meal in the OXO Tower, London. Check us out, another fab city for another lovely evening out!

Fourth Wedding Anniversary – Flowers
Silver flower earrings bought in Greenwich Market where we bought our Wedding Rings. Meal at the Trafalgar Tavern where we got married!

Fifth Wedding Anniversary – Wood
An Antique jewellery box for me and I got him a wooden honey spoon (then realised we had squeezy honey, doh!)

Sixth Wedding Anniversary – Sweet
A new handbag filled with chocolates from Hotel Chocolate. A meal in Wansted which is close to where we live.

Seventh Wedding Anniversary – Wool
An olive shade cashmere scarf and I got a friend to knit a scarf with his initials in it. I was rather pleased with this gift.

Eight Wedding Anniversary – Bronze
An antique locket that is BEAUTIFUL. I gave him a keyring with pendants on (it broke after a week…). We had cocktails in a bar overlooking St Pauls Cathedral.

Ninth Wedding Anniversary – Ceramics
I was given a ceramic ring holder, and Jim had my 1st Wedding Anniversary ring fixed and polished. He was very happy with his new mug! I didn’t even notice the ring was missing. We also had a night out at a new Portuguese restaurant. We went to Portugal on our Honeymoon.

I love that on this blog I have marked each year with a bit of an update on the life of team Taylor. Our little girl started school this September and our little 2 1/2 year old boy started playgroup. This has been a transition for us all. It has also meant that now I have a lot more time to dedicate to making Paperless Wedding even better.

Mr T and I have booked our first 2 nights away without kids for next year which I can’t wait for. He is also about to see his wife perform in her first musical show in 20 years (GULP!) I love that with each passing year we fill it with new and exciting things. Things are never boring and always filled with a lot of laughter. What more could you ask for?!