My eco tips blog this month focuses on the paperless gift list that be tailored to suite you as a couple.  I came aross Buy Our Honeymoon and loved what they do, so I asked Andrew the owner, to give us more information on how it all works. Keep reading as there is chance for 30% off!

“You wouldn’t want any of your guests to feel in any way obligated to get you a gift, but it’s a pretty safe bet that most of them will want to. And although you’d undoubtedly appreciate anything your friends and family are generous enough to give you, his-n-hers horse brasses are nonetheless sure to languish in a cupboard, no matter how thoughtfully they were chosen.

So most couples put together a wedding gift list to indicate their preferences, helping guests avoid confusion or duplication. Traditionally, wedding gifts were to help newlyweds establish their first home together — but if you’ve already lived with each other, or you’re combining two well-stocked households of kitchenwares and linens, it might feel that you’re simply replacing or duplicating things you already have.

If you’re trying to plan a green wedding, that’s hardly ideal. And aside from concerns about adding to landfill, you might also feel uncomfortable with the level of material consumption a traditional gift
list encourages. Along with your afternoon’s fun with a barcode scanner, you might also end up with a panini press you’ll probably never really use. Each gift also comes with its own packaging and transportation costs, which depending on the size of your wedding could well amount to more than you’d like. So what’s a more eco-friendlyalternative?

One option is to ask for contributions towards your honeymoon in lieu of physical gifts. Instead of bathrobes, indulge in a spa treatment; instead of cutlery, enjoy a romantic meal.

Independent honeymoon gift list services such as allow you to itemise different aspects of your honeymoon — from activities and shows, to contributions towards your
transport and accommodation.

Our service isn’t just for long-haul honeymoons and package tours (though it works brilliantly for those too). You can use it with any travel operator, for any destination, whether you’ve finalised all
your plans or not.

And you can include anything you can think of on your list. In practical terms, you receive the cash value of your gifts to spend as required. This means that your guests are able to feel they’re getting
you a personal, meaningful gift, without being tied to any specific provider or schedule.

So if you wish, you can include gifts specifically to help minimise the environmental impact of your travel — to fund your tickets on public transport, to buy local products off-the-cuff while you’re
away, or even to invest in local projects or carbon offset schemes.

Less stuff, more memories. To find out more, visit or call 0845 224 0189.”

Thanks to Andrew and the team we have a great offer, if you sign up for a full package site you can contact me ( and we will give you a code that gives you 30% off the fee to sign up for Buy Our Honeymoon. I will do a blog post on how to interegrate their site into our site soon!