It is my great honour to introduce you to By Laura on this months Eco Wedding blog post. Laura creates beautiful candles that make a great eco-friendly wedding favour option for your wedding day. They could be candles could also be a centrepiece, or have that scent burning while you get married, so that smell will always take you back to that special time in your life. This is such a wonderful idea and having a unique scent for your day really adds something special I think!

Welcome Laura, tell me about what By Laura does?

By Laura is a scented candle company with both a ready-made collection and bespoke creations on offer. My candles are all handmade by me (Laura) using purely natural soy wax and a blend of oils. I work with brides & grooms to create a bespoke scent for their day which can be fully personalised to the individual theme through the scent, branding or style of the candle created and the way in which the candles are used.

 Candles By Laura Photography by Jack Terry
Photography by Jack Terry

So where did the name come from and when did you begin?

By Laura London officially launched in September 2015. Before then I had been making scented candles for a while and came up with the name when talking through ideas with my husband. I’ve always liked my name and wanted to communicate the handmade nature of the company so By Laura London seemed to work.

Who is the face behind the name?

I am ‘the’ Laura. I’ve got a working background in Advertising and Marketing and spend the rest of my time hanging out with family and friends when I’m not learning a new craft or making candles!

Laura lighting a candle
Laura lighting one of her candles!

What makes your candles eco-friendly?

My candles are all made from natural soy wax. From the very first time I started making candles I’ve used soy – it’s made from the oils exacted from the soybean. I did try out paraffin and some other types of wax when I started but when I read up about it and the other options this was always the one I favoured as I liked the natural eco-friendly nature of the product which felt key for something that is ultimately a luxury good. This makes the perfect eco-friendly wedding favour.

What are your favourite scents?

This is a hard question! However, I would say that my favourite is my Rosemary & Eucalyptus candle which I first made for my wedding. I love warm and woody scents. We had it burning on our wedding day and it’ll always remind me of that!

But then when I start thinking of the other scents I love I realise that it’s very hard to just have one favourite! Each candle is great for a different time of day or mood. My latest scents ‘Wedding Morning‘ and ‘Wedding Evening’ which were made in collaboration with So You’re Getting Married blog, are two which I also really like and we did a lot of work to make sure they really evoked feelings of their occasion.

Wedding favour candles - Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw
Wedding favour candles – Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw

What are your top tips for couples planning their day? 

It seems obvious these days but my go-to tip would be get stuck into Instagram & Pinterest. There are so many wonderful photos and articles about weddings online. There you can get ideas and inspiration which you can look over as you go about your day. Hashtags on Instagram make it easier to find ideas for specific things. It also introduces you to new things that you might not have thought about.  Have a search of #bylauraweddings to see a few ideas about how you could integrate scent into your day!

These are great tips Laura and I could not agree more.  We have just started on Instagram and the power of the # is amazing!

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