Twitter is an amazing resource to meet Eco Wedding suppliers.  It was here I ‘met’ Karen Robb of Karen Dornellie.  Karen makes and sells wedding separates that all started with her specialising in wedding veils.  Her pieces are shown brilliantly in this eco-inspired wedding shoot that was organised by Chris Cowley of Isle of Wight Photographer and Mark of Serendipity Diamonds. Karen does stock pre-loved wedding dresses in her studio to ensure brides have a choice to not only save money but to give a dress some new love on another wedding day. She also offers a service to modify and change a dress to give a personal touch.

What I love about this shoot is that it was organised to be totally about being Eco-Friendly when organising your Wedding. Something that Paperless Wedding LOVES!! 

In this wedding shoot, Karen wanted to show that brides don’t have to go out and buy a new dress. Something beautiful can be made from a charity shop find or an old fabric with some good dressmaking skills (a great local dressmaker is recommended). We have covered upcycling your Mother/Grandmother’s old wedding dress on our blog before. You might be that bride who would love the idea of using an heirloom. So over to Karen…..

Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - bride with purple themes Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - Bride

We had a great day, with some fantastic suppliers all offering eco-friendly services. All Makeup used by Tina Williams in the shoot was 100% organic and vegan, and similarly, all hair products (thanks to Charlotte of Scotts Hair Salon​)  were also organic. The dresses the brides are wearing were donated by the makeup artist, bought from a charity shop and one was made from a voile curtain!!! â€‹

Ethical wedding by Chris Cowley - Jewellery

The diamond jewellery provided by Mark Johnson of Serendipity Diamonds​ was ethically sourced and conflict-free.


The location we used as a base for the wedding shoot, was a Ventnor Botanic Gardens​ where we sourced much of the fresh flowers that we used. 


We were very careful to use flowers from plants which actually thrive from being cut or can be dried after. The florist also used a growing plant which was then replanted after too!  Other bouquets were made in silk to allow for use again or to be kept forever. One bouquet was made using buttons made from recycled food stuff. So a definite eco-friendly way to go!  The food shown was grown in the garden so no need for transportation and safe in the knowledge that it was all organically grown.

The tables were decorated using old garden magazines cut up and stuck together for unique and disposal covers. A possible and good way to reuse your bridal mags maybe? Floral displays were held in old bottles from the restaurant of the Botanic Gardens. Candles in wine bottles may seem old fashioned but using great looking bottles can be very effective. And emptying the bottles first, very enjoyable! We created wedding favours from seed packs with floral name cards stuck on!

All in all a beautiful and totally eco friendly wedding can be achieved with a bit of imagination, time and skill.


A BIG thanks to Karen for sharing this great Eco Friendly Wedding shoot with me.  It goes to show how much can actually be ‘green’! Do share any tips you have for a Green Wedding on our Facebook page.

All Photography by Chris Cowley