Parrot and Pineapple is then brand new website for Rowan Williams, the cake eater, dog lover and importantly to us wedding photographer extraordinaire!

I knew when met her, I had to feature her on my Photography Focus blog series. Rowan is the first wedding photographer that I have actually met, that has an ethical ethos for her business. She totally understood all the eco-friendly benefits of Paperless Wedding and we talked about how a wedding photographer can be eco-friendly. This ecominded lady tries to buy fairly on all her equipment and¬†she sources ethical minded printing and photo book options. She keeps her business pretty local too….but that is more driven by the need to look after her dog rather than reducing the carbon footprint, but it all helps! ūüėČ

You won’t see black and white from Rowan as she¬†loves¬†colour and she¬†tries to make sure that her¬†images reflect all the colours of your wedding day. She is a documentary wedding photographer and she¬†likes to keep her¬†images very informal. Emotions are so important and she works¬†hard to capture the feeling of your day, not just how it looked. Rowan loves collaborating with her couples and is always happy to give advice. Here are a few pointers for you now!

What are your top 2 ‘Do and Don’t’ tips for couples on their wedding day?¬†

Do remember that your wedding day is about you getting married to the love of your life, everything else is an added bonus
Don’t put too much emphasis on your wedding day, it might not be the best day of your life and that’s ok.

Do plan the morning of your wedding day and give jobs out to those getting ready with you, it’ll help you begin the day feeling chilled.
Don’t let too many people come to see you before the wedding, it can feel too hectic.

What is your advice when a couple is looking for a photographer?

Have a good look around a research the different styles of photography. Not every couple is right for every photographer. When you find someone that you like ask to see a couple of full galleries of work. When you have and you like their work, meet up with them. It’s important that you get a good vibe from them when you meet.

You are passionate about Eco Weddings like us. How can you be an eco wedding photographer?

I’m really careful with who I chose to supply my business. I make sure that I purchase supplies that are respectful to the environment and the people that make them.

Your top tip for Styling your day?

Less can be more! Don’t worry about decorating everything. Your wedding is about you, your partner and your guests being together.

Do you think you should “Trash your Dress”?¬†

It’s up to the individual but the second hand wedding dress market is growing rapidly with 1 in 10 brides now considering buying second hand or renting the dress for their day. This is also better for the environment!

Engagement shoots seem to be very fashionable. What are the advantages of having one?

Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know your photographer and for you and your partner to get used to the camera. Plus who doesn’t want to spend a couple of hours larking around with your loved one just for a laugh?!

What has surprised you the most about wedding photography?

How emotional it is! I feel absolutely exhausted the next day, not just because of the long hours but the emotional rollercoaster that every wedding presents. Sometimes I even cry during the speeches!

How you describe your style of photography?

I’m a very relaxed, informal photographer that has a documentary style. My photos are about people having a good time and the moments that unfold on your wedding day. They are the images that make you remember how you felt on your wedding day.

Altnernative wedding couple embracing by Rowan.

What can a couple do for you on the big day?

I like to meet up about a month before the wedding to go through the day in fine detail, this means that on the wedding day I know exactly what you have planned and when. I find that this helps the couple to forget about me being there and they concentrate on getting married and having fun with their family and friends!

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

A bit of both! This is why I like shooting a pub wedding because there is usually a beer garden that can be used if it’s sunny.

Themed or none theme?

Difficult choice! I’ve seen both themed wedding and really simple weddings done really well.

Local or Destination?

Local! Mainly because a local venue is easy for everyone to get to. Plus I don’t do destination wedding because I have a big dog at home and I don’t like to leave him.

Big or small?

Small ceremony, big party!

Big thanks to Rowan for sharing her beautiful images and tips with us. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram so do check out her other work there too!