I have be dying to share this wedding with you ever since I attended it with Mr T in September. This was the truly unique wedding of Alexis and Pauline. My husband went to Uni with both, and Alexis also took our photos on our wedding day!

They sealed the deal at the Southbank Centre over looking the River Thames. It is a fabulous location with stunning views.

I asked both of them about their story so I could write a piece but reading their responses together is far more amusing! So let me introduce you to Pauline and Alexis.

So how did you both meet?

P: University but took us 10 years to get together!

A: I dug out a picture of us having a little dance in Scarborough 17 years previously, which we then recreated for the front page of the order of service.

How did you pop the question?

P: Via a Scrabble board during a heat wave in Paris, on my birthday by a canal!

A: She took a bit of persuading (to open the board, not to say yes fortunately). She was more surprised than I thought, apparently Paris was “too obvious” and she didn’t think I would. I proved her wrong with my obviousness.

What was your favourite thing about planning your wedding?

P: Working out what was important and fun to us! I would have said wine tasting but I had a tooth infection two weeks before the wedding, so I was on strong antibiotics when we did this and so couldn’t drink!

A: Yeah, that was a bit unfortunate. I agree, coming up with all the things that made the day personal to us was probably the best part of the planning. Good job we were on the same wavelength there or that would have been awkward…

How did you pick your venue?

P: We always wanted to be near the river and we had our first date in the restaurant there so just felt right and was spectacular!

A: It’s always exciting to be on the Southbank, so having the wedding there really appealed to us. It was in September but fortunately the weather was on our side so we got our little moment drinking champagne on the balcony with friends and family. And for the evening do, we really liked the layout of Tanner Warehouse, having everyone all in one place. Also we felt we didn’t need to do much there decor-wise, it’s got a great look to it already.

What is your top tip for other couples planning their day?

P: Focus on what you want and work out what’s special and unique to you and your relationship. And try and enjoy it!

A: What my wife said.

This crazy pair squeezed a full game of bowls between day and evening events!

What did you love about using Paperless Wedding?

P: I loved that it was paperless! Lots of great choice of design and found one that was very ‘us’. I’m an admin/spreadsheet/organised kind of gal so loved how simple it made it. Took a lot of the hard work away and you were always on top of who had replied and who you needed to chase. A lot of people complemented the look and ease of using it.

A: Great service, it was really handy having all the info there for us and our guests. Just the right amount of features on there and the website looked brilliant. Ta!

Here are some more great photos that give you a feel of what a personal and fun day they had. Thanks to Alexis and Pauline for letting me share their story. xx

Alexis maybe the professional comedian but his new wife gives him a good run for his money with imaginative speech!

Mr T serenading the happy couple!

Andrew Bourne – Britains Got Talent finalist – is a friend of the couples and also sang a tune!

The homemade cakes of 3 generations. One by the bride, one by her Aunt and other made by her dad from her grandmothers recipie!

Big thanks to these guys who helped create their special day.

Dress from:  Heavenly Reflections
Flowers: Cut Flowers, Waterloo.
Day Decor: Judy Reaves
Food Day: Caper & Berry and Wine by Planet of the Grapes
Eve Food: Tanner Warehouse, Neals Yard for Cheese cake and Pauline’s family cakes for Wedding cake.
Day Venue: Southbank Centre
Eve Venue: Tanner Warehouse
Photographer: Edward Moore