This weeks Real Wedding is Tim and Emilie.

Emilie shares her story on finding her photographer…

“We were all set to sign with this photographer that we had met at a Bar Mitzvah (he promised to make the mothers cry on camera, which I thought was really cheesy!) when we bought a rucksack in Blacks. As we were buying the rucksack we got chatting to the salesman who turned out to be a professional news photographer, Marcos Pacheco. We got on well and asked if he did weddings. The answer was not really but we insisted and later met to see his portfolio and hired him on the spot. We loved our wedding photos – they were so us! Nothing forced, no crying mothers, no stiff posing and no hours away from the party for the photo shoot. Dare to take risks and go with your gut!

I bought my wedding dress from M&S for £69 and the bridesmaid dresses cost about the same and were one size fits all – really nice shop in the Oxford Covered market – forgotten what it is called now!  The dress had elasticated backs, which turned out to be a blessing because one of the bridesmaids got the flu two days before the wedding and we had to ask another friend to stand in. They were very different sizes but the dress still fit! We were married in the Conservatory of the Barbican centre in London.

My advice? Do what you want! Not what the family expects as it is your day! We had a vegetarian wedding which my mother was convinced would be the end of the world – most of the family did not even notice because the food was so good! Stick to your guns!”

Many thanks to Emilie for sharing her story. We hope that this inspires you to with your gut and create the wedding that you want!