I can’t believe I am writing another post on Wedding Anniversaries as it does not seem that long since I wrote the last. So today, 8 years ago I walked down the aisle at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich, by my dad, to meet a beaming Mr T.  It has been lovely retelling the day to my 3-year-old. Apparently, I look like a princess!!

As in usual Taylor wedding anniversary tradition, we are having a night out. The venue at the time of writing is still unsure but we do have a babysitter!

We like to try and give each other gifts associated with the traditional wedding presents for each year of marriage. So here is run down of what I have been given to date.  I would also like to point out that he is far better gift buyer than I am!

First – Cotton…..we skipped this and Jim gave me a ring with New Zealand Green Stone set in it. We were living in NZ at the time.
Second – Paper – a card and a wonderful meal out in Sydney. We were living in Sydney at the time!
Third – Leather – Gloves and a meal in the OXO Tower, London. Check us out, another fab city for another lovely evening out!
Fourth – Flowers – Silver flower earrings bought in Greenwich Market where we got our Wedding Rings. A meal at the Trafalgar Tavern where we got wed!
Fifth – Wood – An Antique jewellery box.
Sixth – Sweet – A new handbag filled with chocolates from Hotel Chocolate. A meal in Wanstead, close to where we live.
Seventh – Wool – An olive shade cashmere scarf.

Eight – ??????

As I have written this post in advance of the evening celebration, I don’t know what his gift is yet! See Facebook or my Instagram to find out what it was.

The 8th year gift of bronze represents the union of two lives, reflected by the blend of the two metals that make bronze (copper and tin). It shows that a relationship between two can strengthen “from combining time with perseverance.” This made me laugh.  It takes a lot of perseverance to live with me! 😉

The origin of wedding anniversaries stems back to the Holy Roman Empire.  This is when it was said that husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th Wedding anniversary and a gold wreath on their 50th celebration. Imagine a whole wreath made out of gold?! In the 20th century, commercialism brought additional anniversary gifts that we see today.

Do you celebrate your anniversaries with gifts?  Do leave ideas for people of what you got for the year you were married.