When do I send Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates? This is a question I get asked a lot and so here is a little infographic that could really help you! It helps couples sending digitally as well via paper!

Paperless Wedding invitations and wedding websites

Are you 100% digital wedding and sending via Paperless Wedding invitations?

Follow the left-hand-side of the chart and design your own wedding website with matching email invitations.  Choose from one of our great themes as a template and then go in and customise it to perfectly reflect the day you want.  Add in pages for gift list, guestbook, accommodation and things to do. Also use great features such as ‘countdown to your day’, a gallery of images and embellishments around your text.

Send wedding invitations when you have sent a test one to yourself first! Then hit send and track who has opened your invitation and watch the replies come in. I love it!

Paperless Wedding Website London City Skyline Template

London Skyline by Rachel Stein

Paperless Wedding Website Elegant Marble Template

Mable Art Deco by Couer Design

Are you having paper wedding invitations designed by a talented wedding stationer and using Paperless Wedding Website?

Follow the right-hand-side of the chart if you have found someone talented like Rachel Stein Design to do your wedding invitations.  They can create the paper version and then upload the graphics to your wedding website, so your guests can read about all the other things happening on your wedding day. Send wedding invitations with the web address in it AND the password.  Don’t forget that bit as its really important. No one will be able to log in without it.

Winter wedding guests should be getting their invitations out in the summer. Summer wedding Save the Dates should be sent just after Christmas!

We hope this makes things easier for you as you plan!

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