Springtime is here….just.  The flowers are blooming and it is making me think more about the floral element of a wedding. Eco-minded weddings are not uncommon now, and when a couple choose their wedding flowers they will be drawn to flowers that are in season, or flowers that can be reused or in some cases bouquets that can be eaten! 

This month my good friend Rachel shares her thoughts on her time as a florist and what her clients wanted when choosing their wedding flowers.

How did your brides choose their wedding flowers?!

Brides vary so much in their ideas and are influenced by numerous things when choosing their bouquet style and flowers. One of the main factors I think a bride chooses a particular flower is down to sentimental reasons. For instance, flowers that were given to them on a first date, childhood memories and remembering a loved one add that little personal touch and make that bouquet special and meaningful to the bride.  I would compare wedding flowers to fashion, as they change constantly season by season and person to person.

Paperless Wedding tropical theme

I remember a bride a few years ago who wanted her flowers to be influenced around a tropical holiday that she had been on when her boyfriend had proposed to her. After several appointments with the bride, we chose suitable flowers from the bride’s holiday photos and also brochures we had and personalised her wedding, making it a day to remember.

What do flowers actually mean?

Many people associate roses as a wedding flower and we use a huge variety of them when creating a bride and grooms special day. People over the years have given certain roses meanings and this is another factor that’s considered when choosing flowers for the special day. The red rose has been a symbol of passionate love since ancient times, the white rose is a symbol of purity. Roses are a great staple in most bouquets and available all year round. Another flower that is traditionally linked to weddings is orange blossom, the meaning of this is fertility, purity and eternal love. Here are some more meanings:

Gypsophilia (Baby’s Breath) symbolises innocence – widely available all year round.

Tulips – Love and Passion – Expensive if bought out of season and not every eco-friendly if done so!

Hydrangeas – Understanding  – Great statement flower and look good as table decorations!

Ivy – Unending Love – Can be seen above being admired in Emma’s bouquet by all the aunties!

Where do you get inspiration?

Some brides see flowers used in celebrity weddings so they know exactly what they want and just bring in a photo which is easy for the florist to copy, but on such a special day it is worth looking up the meaning of flowers and creating something which is not only beautiful but has meaning for the couple. Maybe you are not very good at this, but it is easy to think of your favourite colours and go to ask the florists advice armed with a few ideas, you will find that they will be able to expand from this and come up with all sorts of lovely possibilities.

Also, see Paperless Wedding’s Pinterest boards for more ideas.

What are the traditions of flowers at the wedding?

The tradition of carrying flowers could possibly derive from when brides and bridesmaids carried strong smelling herbs and even garlic during the plague to protect them.  It was thought to also cover bad body odour! Herbs such as Rosemary and lavender are often seen in today’s bouquets and buttonholes.

The Greeks often wore flower garlands in their hair and this can still be seen today, especially in a festival inspired theme.

Today new traditions are being formed and some interesting bouquets are appearing. Edible bouquets and sparkly brooch bouquets that can turn into a beautiful keepsake. Which are you going to go for? We would love to know below!

Images from our Pinterest boards.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her thoughts!  What are you planning for your wedding day? Do follow us on Facebook and share your thoughts and ideas there.