If you want a lot of laughter captured on your wedding day then Will Patrick Wedding Photography is the person for you. I met Will at the London Wedding Breakfast Networking group I go to and I was struck by his passion for his job and his total understanding of his client. Then I checked out his photography on his site and I loved the story each photo told and the love and happiness that was captured. Will also had lots of good advice too, so I thought he should feature as part of our Photography in Focus blog with his thoughts and pictures of what he loves about weddings.

What are your top 2 ‘Do and Don’t’ tips for couples on their wedding day?

Do: make sure to leave enough time for your portraits, group photos, a glass of bubbly and lots of time to chat between the ceremony and dinner. Time flies!
Don’t: build up expectations and lists of what your photos ‘should’ look like, if you’ve chosen the right photographer you’ll fall in love with the photos regardless.

What is your advice when a couple is looking for a photographer?

Take your time when looking and always meet up or, at the very least, have a video call before booking. It’s important that you click with your photographer because it makes having your photo taken so much easier!

Your top tip for Styling your day?

I’m no stylist, just a photographer! But if I had to offer any advice, it would be to go with what you really want, not what you think is expected of you. Go with your gut and be authentic!

Will Patrick Wedding photograhpy

Do you think you should “Trash your Dress”?

As someone who won’t ever be wearing a dress, I’m not in any position to say. But like the styling question above, do whatever feels true to yourself! You do you, basically.

Engagement shoots seem to be very fashionable. What are the advantages of having one?

There are many! You get to know your photographer a lot better, you get comfortable in front of the camera and you also get loads of lovely images to use afterwards and at the wedding if you want to. A no-brainer.

What has surprised you the most about wedding photography?

Just how much time I spend smiling and laughing during editing – I come across so many amazing moments that I’d forgotten in the blur of the day! It’s a riot and, every single time, a little sad to deliver each wedding and ‘see it go’, as it were.

Will Patrick Wedding photography Autumn couple

How you describe your style of photography?

There are loads of buzzwords I could use about my visual style, but at heart, my style has a sense of humour to it. Lots of my photos are of couples laughing (usually because I’ve done something dorky)!

What can a couple do for you on the big day?

Be themselves, have fun, and relax. I’ll do all the hard work 🙂

What sets you apart from other photographers

I put no limits on the amount of time I shoot on a wedding day. There’s so much I might miss by leaving before it’s all over and I love what I do, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do consider the environment in your business practices? 

In my personal life, I’m trying to drastically reduce the amount of plastic I use. Once you start thinking about it, it’s EVERYWHERE! Luckily I get to work from home most of the time and do all my paperwork online, so commuting and paper have never been an issue for me.

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

I absolutely love outdoor weddings. The light is so beautiful, especially if a little later in the day during the summer.

Will patrick photography lakeside eco wedding

Themed or none theme?

I love them both equally. What matters to me is capturing all the fun and joy of the day!

Local or Destination?

I have to confess I do love a destination wedding. I’ve been lucky to go to some stunning locations in Italy, France and Germany within the last year. The landscapes and the light are different everywhere you go and I love putting a few more creases in my passport whenever I get the chance!

Destination Wedding by Will Patrick Photography

Big or small?

Again, I love both! I’ve shot weddings with 150 people and weddings with 15 people. Both kinds are beautiful and awesome, in totally different ways.

Thank you to Will for taking the time to do this and we hope you have found it helpful!  To check out more of his work click on his logo below!


Will Patrick Wedding Photography